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My Cup Runneth Over: TOY STORY 3 PARTY

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Party! Party!  Spring is in the air people.  Aren't you super excited to break out the grill and have a party outside?  I know we are feeling ready!

Today I wanted to share another passion of mine besides crafting.  I am obsessed in love with planning parties, tablescapes and the 'themes."  I am not a professional, although I find myself dreaming of it.  The thought of an event coming up for me to plan excites me. 

Please note:  I only do this for fun!  So... I don't have those beautiful pictures of tables set up like I drool over on Pinterest, etc. 

I started by stalking researching for cake ideas and found this amazing cake on Be Different, Act Normal.  You can see her sister's cake here.  I changed it up just a bit, but thank you! for the great inspiration!

This party was for my son, The Bug.  He was completely into the movie and I admit, we loved it too!
I found this AMAZING party by Alison with fantastic ideas for Toy Story at Oopsey Daisey.  Because of her inspiration, I decided to make it a theme throughout the party - from the food to costumes!
The tables were set up in out basement - really the only place in the house where we can stuff enough people.

Like Alison, I named the food like the characters in the movie.  The Disney website had pictures of each character, which I just added names to and printed out with my home printer. 

Some of the food is self explanatory. 

Woody's food was Tex-Mex Taco Dip, Rex's Dinosaur Munch was Broccoli Salad, Jessie's S'more Bites were marshmallows I dipped in chocolate and then rolled in graham crackers crumbs.  The Slinky Dogs were just wrapped with crescent rolls. 

I also made small boxes with card stock (cut with my Cricut) to serve individual servings of tater tots.  I made them in different colors and wrote / drew something on each one to coincide with each color.

My favorites though were the Alien Juice and Lotso's Dip:

What fun!  We had a blast being all of the characters - can you imagine my grandmothers dressed up as Hamm and Mrs. Potato Head?!? Wonderful!

Last, but certainly not least, as it took the longest, was the CAKE.  I know you saw it above, but I just want to say that it was my first attempt at fondant! 
 If it was not for the help from my best friend - "The Enabler" the cake would not be so rockin'! She brought over all her EE-vil cake enabling tools, and she also created the belt buckle and buzz emblem on the front of the cake.  You can check out all of her AMAZING cakes on her facebook page LetThereBCake

What an amazing day it turned out to be!  I can't wait for this year's party! 
Do you have any parties coming up?  I would love to hear about them and see pictures!  Thanks again for coming by!

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