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My Cup Runneth Over: CHRISTMAS "MANTEL"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Happy Tuesday!

I hope your weekend was wonderful and filled with lots of hot cocoa!  We are still getting decked out for Christmas around here so I thought I would show you the top of my hutch. 
Years ago..you know, when I was a young'n and lived in an apartment by myself, my Mom would come over and always bring a new Christmas decoration and then help me decorate.  She was even nice enough to store all of my totes of stuff and haul it to me an hour and a half away. 

It is so nice to think of that time and how much fun we always had listening to Christmas music and hanging out.  Lucky for me, I have a wonderful family of my own now, but I still miss that time with her. 
So, it was a great surprise that this year, I found myself able to decorate with my Mom.  She just happened to be at our house to hang out for the day!  The kids went down for a nap and we got out the last Christmas tote I had not dug into. 

I love putting stuff up and having her stand back and say, "no, that doesn't look right or yup, that is better." 
My favorite part of my holiday decor has to be the beautiful tea set.  (it's up above all the way to the right) Surprised that I love tea cups... yea, haha you are funny.  The actual silly thing about this tea set is where I purchased it - Bath and Body Works.  Right?!?!  It was a gift set with lotion and such. 

The easiest decoration was this tiny frame I covered in burlap and just added green buttons and a red ribbon that came off a packaged gift - super simple! (and would make a great gift!)
One other thing I did was add Epsom salt and red jingle bells to a blue mason jar.  I just love the red in the blue jars.
I hope you enjoyed a little view of our Christmas decor!  Do you have a favorite person to decorate with?  Or a favorite Christmas album you listen too?  I would love to hear from you!  Have a great rest of the week!


At December 11, 2012 at 5:56 PM , Anonymous ginna said...

Looks great Lips!!I cannot wait to see we what you do with your table!!

At December 12, 2012 at 5:20 PM , Anonymous Mom said...

It was so great to be there when she did the decorating on a hutch that we worked on together...you are very special and a great decorator in my heart


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