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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hi there! It's 2015... I can't believe it.  Colder temps and lots of snow can mean only 1 thing: It's almost time for Valentine's Day!  

There are some years that I totally miss the Valentine's Day decorating.  I really depends on how long it takes me to take down all the Christmas stuff.  I always end up putting off taking it down because it feels so homey and when it is gone, well, it feels so sad.  

This year I was on the ball.  I took everything down in a reasonable amount of time and was totally feeling the Valentine vibe.  I pulled down my Valentine box of decor, opened it and wrinkled my nose.  UGH.  Do you ever just feel "over" everything you have?

The thought of buying new stuff didn't make me feel happy.  I wanted something more neutral and romantic.  Y'all know what a sucker I am for Shakespeare.  I kept thinking of sonnets and loooovvveee.  Feather pens and flowers.... 

This is what I created- something that ended up only costing me 14.00.  (I only bought the roses and the feathers.) A Shakespeare in Love themed mantel. (technically hutch for me, but the only "mantel" I have)
I kinda love a hunt and gather decor mission.  I always forget about certain pieces I have as they get shoved to the back of the cabinet.  I still marvel at all the basic pieces I acquired when I worked for Bath and Body Works waaaayyy back in the day.   Yup, I got these pretty candle sticks from there. 
The roses are so beautiful and with the feathers...sigh no more, sigh no more.  Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play.  I had to add a quote from there.  It's super romantic.
I purchased the roses at my favorite place - produce junction for super cheap and the feathers are from Joann's.  You could really recreate the entire thing without the feathers too.  I love the extra Shakespeare feeling it gives.  
The papers are sonnets I had that I just dipped the pages in coffee and let dry to give them a dated look.  They were really white originally.  I hope you love it as much as I do!  Now off to watch Much Ado!
Thanks so much for coming over to visit me today! 

If you have a minute would you look me up and follow over on Instagram @mycuprunnethover.cheryl Please please, pretty please?  I was finally able to get it going and would love to share with you!  

Happy Valentine's Day!
XO, Cheryl

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