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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


WOW.  Is everyone wearing tank tops and shorts today?  It suddenly feels like July weather here in PA.  It makes me want to sit out on the back deck and relax. 

In honor of the beautiful weather, I thought I would share the outside of our home with you.  As always, it's a work in progress.  We have big plans for the front and have been talking about the changes we would like to make.  I am such a slow-poke deciding, so it won't happen anytime soon. 

This is the front of our home.  We have a simple ranch house, but we would like to add on and also change the front so that it doesn't look so "flat."  Maybe after we stop paying for daycare, the dreams will become reality. 
Here are the things I would like to change this summer. 

The house looks extremely "old-school" with the green and tan together.  I would like it to be a bit more modern.  So fixes that will happen are the shutters and the front porch light.  Really detest that gold thing. 

The star above is a bit larger project and it's what we have been talking about since last August.  The steps are currently just a form that was originally attached to the house.  UG. LY.  Plus, our friends, the chipmunks, have made themselves a home underneath, causing water to be able to sit... you know what that means... potential leaks!

Right now, we are working on the landscaping.  You can see that we have started the mulch in the first pic.  We love the fact that it was done when we moved in, but it is a ton of work to maintain.  As of right now, I'm embarrassed to show you the weedy pictures.  The weeds started a war with us and as you can see from the pictures, we are trying to win the fight. 

Let's take a walk around the house, shall we?
OH MY!  What's that?  Yes, it our gazebo. *SIGH*  There have been really strong winds the last few weeks, and we put up the fabric on the gazebo early this year because it has been so nice.  BUT, it seems after three years of use, the threads were not willing to hold up.  
Let's just say it held up better than the first gazebo we had.  Let me advocate for all gazebos out there and say - BOLT all four sides down.  REALLY.  Notice the leg in. the. TREE.
Seems it was necessary to replace it.  I can laugh about it now. 

I did get another small project done this weekend that I will share with you tomorrow.  I love that it is finally spray paint weather!  For those of us without a garage, it is a long winter of piling up projects.  I am a bit day late getting this post up so I will make it up to you by posting three days in a row!

Aren't you just giddy with excitement?!?! What are your plans for the nice weather?  Any outdoor projects going on?  Please feel free to share.  Thanks again for stopping by!


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