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My Cup Runneth Over: January 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hey there! Are you excited it's Friday??  

I am really excited about the Superbowl coming up!  Not being a die-hard fan of either team, it makes it easier to pick team and cheer for fun.  

A few years ago, I purchased these coasters from Pottery Barn for my hubby. It's probably the only thing I could afford in the store at the time ;).  I knew they would be great for our football basement.
I only bought one pack, and have been wishing I had more for when others come over for the big game.  After rolling it around in my head for a bit, I knew I could DIY them.  Here's what I used to make my own football/sports coasters:
Turf rug, cork mats (aren't these AWE-some??!  A mat stack of CORK!), wide mouth mason jar lids, and adhesive.  (I used Liquid Nails Clear Seal).

I traced the lid and cut out the cork for the bottoms, and traced the inside to cut out the turf rug - make to use utility scissors for this part.
Simply glue both cork and turf to the mason jar lid and you have fun, easy DIY sports coasters - your very own Pottery Barn Knock off!  I did use the green color cork from the mat stack on the bottom of the coasters.  I liked that it goes with our team colors.  
I can't wait to use them for Super Bowl!  I even added a little football touch with an apple cut in a football shape to my Woodchuck Draft Cider!  Yup, that's right.... I enjoyed the bowl of popcorn and this yummy beverage right after I took the pictures!  Waste not, right?!? 
Be sure too stop back next week, I'll be sharing something else for your Super Bowl festivities!! Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well, hello! How have you been?  So nice of you to visit me!  

I am now fully in the Valentine's Day mood, are you?  I have been working on a small V-Day vignette and came up with this simple yarn art to add to it.  
It was very easy and the only thing I had to buy was yarn!  Not too bad for only $3.00.  

Here's what you will need:
Picture frame
Piece of white card stock
Yarn of your choice
Large eye needle (Yarn darner)
Spray Glue

Draw a heart on your 8X10 card stock.  I also added the word love to mine, but that is totally up to you.  Spray the paper with the glue and lay your cheesecloth over top.  This is just to hold it in place to make it a bit easier to work with.  Make sure to pierce the paper with holes as close together as you can, all the way around the heart.
Thread your needle with the yarn and, starting at the point of the heart, just go around from side to side.  I didn't want mine to be perfect.. more organic. If it was off a little bit, no biggie.  Because the yarn was so tight in the paper, I really didn't even need to knot it at the end.  
Once I was done adding my yarn, I placed in a white frame.  I just adore how the cheesecloth adds that little bit extra!  I love a great texture combo.  It really was a simple project that only took about 30 mins.  
Do you have anything special you are making this Valentine's Day?  I would love to hear from you!  
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey there! Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday was relaxing and fun!  I know ours was a whirlwind of good times. Today, I am excited to share The Bug's Classroom Valentines with you!  
I do love Valentine's Day!  What better than a day full of hearts and flowers and hugs, right? This year I am especially excited, because The Bug and I came up with the idea together.
He got a Rainbow Loom from Santa this year, and I can't determine who is more addicted to it. Him or me! So it seemed obvious what we should give this year to his classmates.  

The Bug picked out the colors of the bands and beads we would use to make them extra special and we got to work.  

Here's everything you will need:  Rainbow Loom Bands, Clips to make them into a bracelet, beads (optional), and some craft paper. This is what the boys and girls bracelets look like.  We chose a fishtail style. (Check out this website for lots of tutorials using the rainbow loom)
We did a little photo shoot and I took pictures of The Bug holding his wrists together like a heart and then took my image over to Pic Monkey. I made the picture black and white with the red accent heart using the Focal Black and White Option.
I added the font "Valentine, you've got me wrapped around your heart" using Pic Monkey as well. I saved it and had it printed out. You could print on your own home printer with 4X6 photo paper, but mine was acting possessed.  
By putting a couple of cuts using a utility knife on either side of his wrists in the picture, I slid the bracelet in each side.  Now, it looks like he's wearing the bracelet! I added a piece of cardstock to the back just to hold everything together.  
We are ready for giving!!  An easy DIY Valentine for little $$!!  Plus, the bonus of some quality time with The Bug making the bracelets!  So fun! Maybe I'll let him he will let me use the loom more often.  LOL.  

Thank you so much for coming on over today!  I'm so glad you are here!  Have a great week!

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