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My Cup Runneth Over: September 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hey there!  Fall is finally here.  I am so excited.  Last weekend finally felt like fall weather and I was totally craving apple cider and football! Can I get an aw yeah?  

How is your GOLD month going?  Don't forget to visit the links at the bottom of the page to lend your support for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month!  

Sooo.... It's that time to start breaking out the fall decor and making the house feel warm and cozy.  I have to tell you that this post is monumental for me.  I made this wood sign all by my lonesome!  
What?!? That's right, I cut all the wood, screwed it all together and stained / painted it.  Normally, I'm not allowed to cut the wood or put things together. It's not my scrumptious hubs fault.  I kind of have a bit of, um, history with accidentally injuring myself.  LOL.  But, he let me use the power saw.  WOO HOO!  

Funny enough, he came over and asked me if he could put of the screws in the wood.  He can't resist my craziness - insert maniacal laugh here.

I cut a 1X4 into 5 - 22" inch pieces.  I cut additional lengths to attach the pieces together vertically in the back.  Before screwing them together I used sandpaper to take away the hard edges, making it look a bit worn.  

I stained the entire piece and let dry.  Find a fall picture you like and print out to the size that works for you.  I used painter's tape to add my leaf to the sign.  Then, just paint over with cream paint.  Remove the paper and you will have a cool outline.  
Remembering to go GOLD, I cut out "grateful" with my Cricut and used the outline to paint the lettering on the sign with gold paint.  Perfect touch!  

The sign was placed on top of my pantry and I added a few touches to make a fall vignette.  The kiddos gathered up a bunch of acorns from the yard to fill my mason jars and a "cup running over."  ;)!
The Boo and I picked some sticks and glue dotted leaves to them.  I also purchased a couple of pumpkins from Hob Lob to complete the look.  
To keep up with the gold theme, I added gold paint to the smaller pumpkin in the ridges and stem.  I also colored in the metal leaves on the cream pumpkin (they were purple) with a gold sharpie.  
So simple and what an impact the wood sign is!  Bring on fall! I'm loving this weather.  
Please remember that My Cup Runneth Over is recognizing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September by going gold - the color to represent this month.  Please lend your support to the below websites.

Alex's Lemonade Stand is an organization that raises money and sponsors events to support families of children with cancer as well as fund research to find a cure.  Click Here to visit their site to learn 30 easy ways you can help raise awareness!

In relation to Alex's Lemonade Stand, go on over to Auntie Anne's!  They are currently running a promotion through September 26th that benefits Alex's Lemonade Stand and you get a FREE pretzel during their happy hours.  YUM!

I hope you are having a great week!  Keep spreading the gold! 

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Saturday, September 14, 2013


Howdy!  I hope you are having a great week!  I'm looking forward to being done with all the humidity that has hit PA this week.  Yuck!

I just wanted to say that you all are fabulous for hanging out with me for my Going Gold month.  I really appreciate you helping to bring awareness to Childhood Cancer.  

I know I have been giving you links to visit and show support, but I thought you may want to personally send your encouragement to moms and families that are the bravest people!

I created an encouragement card that you can click on below to print out. Here's what to do:  Contact a local Pediatric Cancer Organization to work with. Print out some cards and write a little note inside.  Take / Mail your cards and envelopes (ready to be mailed with the stamp on it) to the pediatric cancer org and ask them to mail them out to their families.

It's a personal way to show your support even if you don't know the family. They are warriors for their kids and could use a bit of acknowledgement, right?

There are 2 documents to the card.  Print out the front on white card stock, then place your paper like so: 
and print the second "inside" on the other side.  You will have two cards that will fit in an A4 envelope (4.25 X 5.75) once you cut the paper in half at 5.5 inches.

Download Encouragement Card Front Here
Download Encouragement Card Inside Here
Just a couple of note regarding the cards.  Make sure to ask the organization you contact how they would prefer you sign the cards.  They would not want to have the families think they gave out personal addresses. 

I really hope you feel inspired to share the love.  I am amazed by the people I have read about and met through the links I have shared.  I am honored to be sharing them with you.  Keep up the gold!  Have a great weekend!!

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House of Rose

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


HI! So glad you are here today!  Did you know that My Cup Runneth Over is honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September by going gold (the color for the cause)?!?!?!  Have you taken the challenge of letting people you know that it is Childhood Cancer Awareness?  If so, you are AWE.some.  

Today's project is one that I am super excited about.  I just love when a plan comes together, don't you?  I just love fall and I have wanted to make my daughter, The Boo, a fall cape for soo long.  I am in love with how it turned out. 
OK, here's how easy it was.  I cut my fabric in a large circle.  I made mine 26 inches in diameter.  I measured The Boo's neck and cut a circle (5 inches diameter in the center).  Cut the same two circles out of GOLD lining fabric and then cut a straight line to make the opening.  
All I did for the collar was fold my remaining fabric in half and then cut a 3 1/2 inch half circle out using the center circle from above as a guide.  I am so sorry - I totally forgot to take pictures as I was sewing.  I got in the zone and just kept going.  

OK, so my tutorial is crap.  BUT, hopefully the end result will inspire you. I attached "leather" (vinyl), rope and wood buttons for toggles to the front as well a hook and eye at the neck.  
A gold headband and shoes complete the "ready for pumpkin picking" outfit. I love that it is lined and technically, we could put the gold side out too. Reversible! (This is The Boo trying to show you her gold lining...)
Totally in love with the look.  Plus, what a fun time we had taking pictures! After we were done, we went on an acorn hunt for our fall decor this year! OH how I looooovvvee FALL!  
Have you made anything cute for fall?  I would love to see it!  Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

AND, please, please before you go.... click over to these great websites to share your support for Childhood Cancer Awareness
Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley is sharing Mom's of pediatric cancer kids letters / stories.  Click Here

There is also a Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus each year in September to discuss and promote federal efforts for childhood cancer awareness.  Click Here to check it out.

Have a great week!  Keep GOING GOLD!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hey Hey! How are you today?  I hope you are feeling challenged to go gold! Didn't here about what going gold means?  Click here.  Please share the links at the bottom of this post and visit them to show your support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

I recently saw this really cool mug on Pinterest and I just had to try it out. It's from Good and Messy to see her original post click here.  It is such a cute, simple craft. 

I grabbed a few mugs and wine glasses at the dollar store and a few Sharpies at Wal-mart.  I cut out letters with the Cricut and used a Xyron to make it a sticker.  
I added it to the mug and just made dots all around the letter.  Dot. Dot. Dot. Very easy and it only took me about 15 minutes.  

After it was complete, I removed the sticker and baked it in the oven at 250 degrees for an hour.  I placed it in the oven before I turned it on and then let it cool completely in the oven after turning it off.  
I loved it so much that I decided to add some dots to wine glasses to make them special!
The gold on all of them looks awesome and really does look metallic.  LOVE. love. love.  

Just for kicks, I did one in an emerald green.  The only thing that went wrong with this one is that I happened to buy an extra fine point Sharpie.  UGH.  The dot dot dot took about a half hour.  LOL.  
I think these are super gifts.  You can really personalize them and any sticker would work.  Once you remove the sticker, I suggest just rubbing off any leftover residue with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.  Be careful not to hit your dots.  

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  Remember, all my projects this month are GOLD to remind you that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Here a couple of links to bloggers that are sharing their stories. Please go out and leave them a comment to let you know you are supporting them in their fight!

Mary Tyler Mom is featuring Pediatric Cancer Mommy Bloggers each day in the month of September - click here

Check out the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund - they are doing amazing things for families of children with cancer.  Feel free to help them out and donate.

Happy Weekend all!  Keep going for the GOLD!

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Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy September!!  I have a big announcement today that I am very honored to be sharing with you! 

A few weeks ago, a special friend of mine and fellow blogger, Pauline, wrote a post challenging her readers to go for the GOLD.  What exactly does that mean, you ask?  
This is a picture of our kids.  Her Sam and my Boo.  They love one another.  It's the sweetest thing and we cherish their childhood love.  They look like two happy kids, sitting at a baseball game, enjoying the outdoors.  What's the difference between the two?  One thing.  Sam has leukemia.  The big C word.  Cancer.  

Hits you right in the gut.  I remember when Sam was diagnosed.  What can you say to your dear friend?  In our conversations since, Pauline and I have talked about the fact that childhood cancer eludes our sense of reality.  We weren't aware it really happens until it did.  It's something that you don't even hear about until it happens to you or someone close to you.  Then you realize it is everywhere.  

You see pink, you know it means breast cancer awareness.  It is important to know.  To help those affected by a monster.  But did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month?  GOLD.  Gold is the color for this month.  To tell someone about childhood cancer, to look up your local pediatric cancer organization and lend a hand, some time and a whole lot of love.  

Pauline and I love to write our blogs.  They may reach different communities of bloggers, but I believe that this month we should come together.  This blog is my way of sharing my love of crafty things.  I generally don't share personal beliefs, and try to keep things light around here.  This month, however, I have been challenged.  Challenged to help spread the word for Sam, for us to remember the gold.  

All of the crafty projects I'm working on this month are gold themed.  Each time I post my normal craftiness, I will also share a couple of other sites to help you spread the word about Childhood Cancer.  

Please share them, tell 5 people that September is all about the GOLD.  I challenge all of you to help these brave families share awareness.  Make your own gold craft to share, share a local website that helps promote the gold, or patronize a business that donates to Pediatric Cancer Research.  

And please, go over to Pauline's website Chemo and Donuts, to read Sam's story and hers.  She amazes me everyday with her strength, mama bear passion, and her laughter.  I am lucky to be a part of their lives.  Do it up folks!!! GO FOR THE GOLD!