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My Cup Runneth Over: June 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015


So happy to have you today!  Summer is going so fast and we are ready to do our annual family camping trip.  The food! The bike rides! The swimming! The campfires! The BUGS! 

Above all else though... S'MORES!  The gooey chocolate and toasty marshmallows... I am drooling as I type!  Last year, the kids and I decided to do something really special for our trip.  Our own s'mores sticks!  No more fighting over which one is theirs because this one dropped in the dirt.  

Here is what we used: oven-bake clay, metal roasting sticks, and fun sculpting skills!  I purchased these expandable roasting sticks from Target and then just slid the plastic covers off the bottom.  We decided what we each wanted to make and bought clay to make it happen.  (I also had clay left over from other projects, so we only spent about 8.00 on clay)
It was so fun to spend a few hours sitting and talking with our kids as we made our s'mores sticks.  My only suggestion is that you do not make anything too delicate - it can crack and break off with rough use, i.e. kids.  
Cover the bottom of the metal with the base color clay and design away!  Anything goes!  The Boo chose a "Frozen" theme, The Bug made a green light saber, a green and white football design (GO JETS!)for the hubs and a coffee cup for me.  We also used all of our play-doh rollers and plastic knives to cut things for the kiddos.  
Once they were complete, I followed the instructions on the clay and baked them in the oven.  This is why it was important to purchase all metal roasting sticks.  
We had a fun crafting time together and they worked perfect all summer.  I just pulled them out to use again for camping and they still look great, with the exception of the delicate snowflake.  It broke off a bit but, The Boo didn't even notice.  
If you and your family are planning a camping trip, I hope you try it out!  Also check out this post for the perfect camping snack mix!! 

Happy Camping! Cheryl

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