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My Cup Runneth Over: October 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello! Hello!

It's time.  Really.  Time to get a little sappy up in here.  You're ready for it, right?  Here's my amazing truth:  I am totally in love with my scrumptious hubby.  He's the one.

We recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and I finally was able to get him the gift I searched for with vigor to be his wedding gift.  Originally, I failed.  I have redeemed myself.  Can you tell I'm feeling smug as a bug?! 
That's right.  A signed Jets helmet, by none other than our favorite Jet, the retired Curtis Martin.  Here's the thing.  We love football.  No, we RREEEEAAALLLYYY love football.  And especially, the New York Jets. 

My gift to him for our wedding was a three tier gift.  The first tag and gift said "For Now" and was a handkerchief I had embroidered.  The second tag said "For Later" and let's just say it was for our wedding night.  (It was PG, I swear!)  The third tag said "Forever" and was a signed 8X10 picture of Curtis.  That was as close as I could get at the time. 

Because I had finally found THE gift, I wanted to surprise him with the same type of gift.  Here's the part where you get something out of this too.  I needed a "For Now" gift.  I decided to make my own Football Word Art to hang in our basement... well, in our Jets basement. 
This is my anniversary gift.  I am so in love with the word art.  The wine, of course, was "for later." 

Right around the time we got married, Coors Light ran a "music" commercial during the football season called "Here's to Football."  We. LOVED. it. 

It was such an exciting time in our lives; we were excited about us, excited about football season.  The commercial reminds us of that carefree time. 

I decided it was the perfect thing to put into a frame.  The word/subway art was the perfect way to do it.  Sorry for the blurry below...it was a weird weather day outside and of course, this blogger dropped the frame right on the stone underneath.  Typical.
I just used powerpoint and the word art feature.  All the letters are black and green.  (j-e-t-s.  Jets! Jets! Jets!) 

BUT, just for you, I made one that has brown and green lettering so that it's general football colors.  You could really do any color you want to match your team. 

Wait, if you are thinking of a certain New England team's colors right now.... I'm totally sticking my tongue out at you! Just kidding....

You can click on the below links to print either one, the black or the brown.  The size of the paper is 8.5X14, legal size.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Oh!  How did the hubby like the gift?!?  He loves the word art... I won't tell you the words he said though when he saw the helmet.  He was excited, trust me.  Wink Wink. 

Do you love football as much as us?  Let me know what you think of my first word art attempt! 

Take care and have a great week!


Monday, October 1, 2012


OH BOY! I just love a before and after, don't you? 

There's something about a transformation that inspires me!  Much to the chagrin of my family and friends, I can gather and hoard things for months (or longer) until I have everything together to make the "after" happen.

I must like suspense.  I admit I was totally in love with the show "Trading Spaces."  Remember that?!?! Ok, maybe I should stop dating myself.  LOL.  That was the idea behind changing The Boo's (my daughter) room from nursery to a big girl room. 

My mom graciously housed the kiddos for the weekend and the hubby and I got to work.  I wanted it to be done, so when she came back it was a completely different room.  Grand plans, right? 

Here's the nursery we did before The Bug (my son) was born. (neutral carries through!) Hard to believe these pictures are 6 years old!
When we found out we were having a girl the second time around, I found this beautiful quilt I just couldn't wait to purchase.  Problem?  Nah, just seems it was discontinued.  LOL. 

I waited it out and I was still able to get it.  I think ladybugs are a very adorable theme for a little girl's room.  I wanted it to look classy without being overly "ladybuggy."  Wow Cheryl.  New word. 

Here is The Boo's New ROOM!
I have to say.  I was completely afraid of the red paint.  I turned out better than I thought.  The nice thing about redoing this room was that there was much we left the same. 

When we did the nursery, we added the white beadboard and chair rail.  The dresser also stayed as we decided to keep the black furniture.  The bed frame, if you can believe it, was mine! Yup.  30 some years old.  We just had to repaint it black. 
Here it is!  The Trading Spaces moment The Boo saw her room!  She was so excited! 

Many of the details in the room were from IKEA or things I made/created.  I showed you the bulletin board I re-purposed here.
I kept the same ric-rak and ribbon motif on the curtains (purchased white curtains fro IKEA - then embellished).
We'll talk about the "blinds" another day.  GRRRR.  Let's just say, "saw this on Pinterest, nailed it."

I think my favorite thing in the room though is the display of The Boo's name.  Normally, in this blog, I try to not use my kids names for obvious reasons.  They didn't really ask to be part of mommy's outlet of crazy craftiness.  BUT, I have to show you.  You'll keep calling her The Boo anyway, right?  Cool.  I knew you were my squeezies. 
OOPS.  PJs!  I will share in a future post how I did this one.  It's easy peasy! 

Notice below that the "after" was cutting it so close for The Boo to be home, we didn't even get to add a picture to the frame!  I guess they are not just making it dramatic for television.
Let's take a look at the before and after one more time!
and AFTER!
I just love this room!  I have some many little things that went into the room I will be showing you in the next couple of weeks.  Including my fated blinds!

The best part of the room though is not how it looks but that every time someone comes to our home, out beautiful Boo asks if they would like to see her "big girl room."  Oh the love....

I would love to hear what you think!  Leave a comment, send an email.  Thanks so much for visiting today!  Come back again :).


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